Clear Evidence of the Biggest Crime in Human History - A Challenge to FBI Director Wray

Published on Apr 11, 2021
This Scamdemic wouldn't last two minutes if law enforcement and intelligence agencies were doing their jobs. Thats why the structural system of foundations and think tanks (all of which are financed primarily by Jewish billionaires) was put in place and people like FBI Director Christopher Wray have been put in charge of these Jewish Supremacist organizations. The role of FBI Director Wray is to distract attention away from the bioterrorism schemes of persons and entities such as Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg, Gates, Fauci and the system of Jewish financed think tanks and "Medical Authorities" whom are conspiring to facilitate the takeover of our society and the plundering of our economy, pension plans and real estate holdings and tell us that the is threat is "White Supremacists". I Challenge FBI Director Wray to prove his worth as a man, to prove his honor, to show us why he should be the Director of the FBI and not just another slimy lawyer like all the rest who are busy sabotaging our families, or heritage and our economy for their bosses - the Jewish owners of our financial systems.

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