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Published on May 21, 2021
Below is the story of the video this made my Blood boil that Police treat kids like this I hope they ROT the dirty bastards....

Yesterdays children's mother requested to the courts that Jack and Amber should live with her, a very biased officer from Cafcass supported the move so I offered her residency but explained that I would not support the move because it was not what the children wanted.

The children's mother then requested to the courts that the police should attend our home to collect the children 'because she is scared of me' even though for the last 5 years she has been happy to collect the children from their home each weekend for visitation.

A male police officer attended our home and after discussion agreed that it was not in the best interests of Jack and Amber to use force to move them to their mothers house and we agreed that I would take the children to school the following day and their Mother would collect the children from school.

The male officer contacted his sergeant to explain our plan but the sergeant and the childrens mother declined the plan, the sergeant then arrived at our home and explained she would be using force to remove Jack and Amber and that if I intervened I would be arrested.

Over the last two years both Jack and Amber have consistently told the police, cafcass, social services, their school teachers, a child psychologist, the workers at the dreadnought centre in redruth and many others that they have been hit by their Mother on many occasions but it has been ignored.

Jacks words about 'hitting' to the sergeant 'you want to speak to my mum about that' will always ring true.

Mother has now locked the children inside her home, they can not go out and play, they are not in school and she refuses to let them visit me.

I have contacted social services today to ask if they could check on the children and let me know if they are ok but they declined to do so.

If everyone would be kind enough to share this video to help raise awareness of the flawed family court system and to make sure that other children do not endure this I would appreciate it.

One love

Dad, Jack and Amber.

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