B.O.B- morgellons fibers face mask fibers nanotechnology fibers nanotech parasites mycoplasma laboratorium

Published on Apr 4, 2021
rapper BOB speaks on synthetic entities found in the human body called morgellons.


Use 99% rubbing alcohol to kill nanotechnology fibers parasite fibers



It takes approximately 15 to 60 seconds to neutralize and kill the nanotechnology.

This will neutralize and kill the nanotechnology it has been found by me personally to be the best.

You can use moonshine as well also a lot of human beings can make their own alcohol from home but please be very cautious about making homemade alcohol if you are going to do it there are many risk involved if you do not know what you're doing.

You can make alcohol from any fruit like pineapple ginger and vegetables too like potato alcohol.

Do not dilute the rubbing alcohol with the tap water that is infected and infested with the nano fibers this will be dumb to do and is pointless.

Do not mix the dish soap with the rubbing alcohol when you are cleaning these nanotechnology fibers

At 3:33 minutes in the video she says "Electronics cleaner" these are key words you need to know in which dealing with this neutralization method.

On all of the nanotechnology fiber videos on YouTube comment using this copy and paste method :
" (G)-#(0) -+(Y)-"'(i)--(M)+(;?(TV) (dot) (TV) "

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