The Descent into Slavery 1980-audio book pt2 Des Griffin.

Published on Oct 20, 2021
As Edwin Stanton, Lincoln's Secretary of War, once stated:
"Wars are not fought to defeat a nation BUT TO CREATE A
CONDITION." How true! The war against Japan wasn't fought
to defeat an enemy. It was fought to create a condition—a condition of desolation and abject poverty throughout Japan. This
was done so that the International 'redevelopers' could rush in
at the end of hostilities and seize the prime real estate for their
own use.
Shortly after the war—after the American airborne demolition crews had done their job—vast sums of money became
available for the reconstruction of Japan. The capital to build
and equip Japan's gleaming new industrial plants, ports, railroads,
warehouses and skyscraper office buildings didn't come from
inside Japan. It came from outside Japan. It came from the
same people who benefited enormously from the war debts piled
up by many nations around the world. It came from the International Bankers. They put up the money. They own the show.P200

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