Vitamin D Is Literally Rat Poison! - The Truth About Cholecalciferol

Published on Mar 26, 2021
The amount of ways j are trying to kill us would make your head spin. Take care of your health, priority number one.
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Are you taking a vitamin D supplement? Did you know that the most common form, and the one that they tell us is the healthiest, is rat poison? Literally?
Well it's important to have adequate vitamin D levels, you might want to consider getting it from alternative sources like the sun, vitamin D lamps, tanning bed, North American herbs and spices salmon oil (email me if you'd like some), or eating raw salmon 2 to 3 times per week. You can get vitamin D in other ways!
I don't know about you, but I'll never touch the stuff again!
Cholecalciferol: Another type of rat poison, it produces hypercalcemia, which results in systemic calcification of soft tissue, leading to renal failure, cardiac abnormalities, hypertension, CNS depression, and leads to death in 24-36 hours.
please see the other video I posted about vitamin D here:


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