Mosul, Iraq | 2017 | Navy Seal Rescues 4 Year Old Girl

Published on Jul 13, 2021
Navy SEAL Ephraim Mattos Rescues 4 year old girl with "Free Burma Rangers" team leader David Eubank, whom carries the rescued Iraqi girl while under fire from ISIS. A tank is used as cover from opposing gunshots, while dragging another Iraqi civilian. She was hiding under her mothers clothing in a pile of about 20 people against a wall in front of a destroyed hospital controlled by ISIS. Her mother had been killed while they, along with about 300 other civilians, tried to escape the day before.

Founder: Navy S.E.A.L.(Sea,Air,Land) Ephraim Mattos, gets shot by I.S.I.S.(Islamic State of Iraq and Levant/Syria) while conducting a rescue mission in I.S.I.S territory alongside Free Burma Rangers and the Iraqi Army in Mosul, Iraq on June 2, 2017.


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