Australians Can't Return To Their Own Home Without A Border Permit, COMMUNISM (6th Sept)

Published on Sep 6, 2021
Australians are allowing their country to be used as a blueprint for Global Communism. That will be their legacy for the rest of mankind and no other country on Earth should ever forget it. People should NEVER visit Australia or New Zealand ever again in the future. Both countries need to economically go down the toilet to such a point as the African continent.
The Australian public really need to pay for the path they have setup for the rest of the world. 29% of them are vaccinated so 71% of them do NOTHING. Maybe the Australians are NOT rising up because deep down they want and love their Communist state. Australians and New Zealand citizens should NEVER be allowed emigrate into Ireland. Someone else can have their Communist ideology they so love. They are no different to the weak Asians and Africans that have destroyed Western Civilization across the world.

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