Jovi Val Unmasked – The Mestizo Elton John

Published on Aug 15, 2020
You can tell a lot about a person by who they surround themselves with, what they promote, and their behavior. In this case, going from being a Proud Boy and hanging out with Gavin McCuckness & Laura “promiscuous toucan” Loomer to attending the Unite the Right II rally (even taking a picture with probable CIA asset Jason Kessler) and publicly humiliating himself on a number of occasions, including dressing like a gay hipster and waving a Reichsadler flag in NYC.
More questionable associations include the other mamzer agent Fascifist and doing a stream with the perverted provocateur Michael Marrotti aka Muh Faggy Crookshelf (still up on Judentube). This guy has earned a sordid reputation for groping women at Fash Bash events as well as being married to a black BLM supporter.
There are some Terrorgram (aka Telegram) pages (Jovi Shouldn’t Internet, JOVI VAL IS A GHEY) dedicated to mocking and exposing this clown. However, that would be far too much material just for a web article. My first impression was him being just a dumb internet troll, but given his (((associations))) and him running around looking like an idiot, without question, he’s an agent.


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