Christopher Bollyn 2005 - Re Open 9 11 - The European Tour.

Published on Jul 12, 2020
This one-hour video is made from two shorter presentation by Christopher Bollyn of The American Free Press during the Reopen 9/11 European Tour 2005. Recorded 3rd June 2005 at the Town Hall in Manchester, England and 27th May 2005 at the Friends Meeting House at Euston in London, England, Christopher discusses many of the issues that falsify the Official Conspiracy Theory. His research has led him directly to the intelligence agencies of Israel, United Kingdom and the United States. Their connection to 9/11 has caused the Jewish Lobby to declare him “anti-Semitic.” Of course, it is the Palestinians that are Semites, not the Zionist who control Israel. Many prominent September 11th Truth activists took to the road on a tour of European cities including Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Berlin, Madrid, London and Manchester, starting on 19th May, 2005 and concluding in Manchester on 4th June, 2005 The tour was financed by Jimmy Walter who paid for multiple full-page color advertisements in Business Week, Forbes, Newsweek, the New York Times, Washington Post, Readers Digest and The New Yorker as well as advertisements in regional newspapers across the UK. -- Produced: 2005, Episode: CB-R911ET, 58:00, Category: Education -- Phone your local public access TV station and ask them to broadcast this film to your local community. Your station can download the film in TV broadcast format from . This film is available for any Public Access TV station in the country - and world - to broadcast. Stations that use Telvue, DVDs or other media can contact [email protected] for instructions. -- This PEGMedia Episode - For Public Access TV Stations: -- More 911TV Films On PEGMedia - For Public Access TV Stations: -- This Show On YouTube: -- More 911TV Films On YouTube: -- 911TV’s Blog -- 911TV's Website


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