How To Become Anonymous And Secure Your Privacy 2020: Joel Stein

Published on May 16, 2020
How to stay anonymous and fight big tech while securing your privacy with Joel Stein.

Joel Stein of Time Magazine went deep undercover for a week into the world of privacy. Specifically he learned how to remain anonymous through your day to day actions. Here with Jay Martin he talks about all the steps he took, which you can emulate, to best ensure his privacy.

How he hid his data from Silicon Valley and kept his information secret is what you'll learn about in this video.

Here are some of the many things Joel recommends doing to gain more privacy:

* Get a virtual credit card made that won’t track purchases from Privacy
* Get a cell phone number from Burner App
* Get an email address from My Sudo

- Virtual credit cards help you make purchases without all your sales data being tracked.
- Burner generates new cell phone numbers from any area code you want.
- MySudo will create a bunch of email addresses that are disposable. Use a one time email keep your email private.

* Get a Remailer set up where you get products sent to you that are physical places where you can get your mail without people knowing where you live.

* Start using Amazon lockers to receive mail

* Get a Faraday case to block all the signals coming in or out of your cell phone which helps keep your location private. There are cases for your cell phones, car keys and other devices.

* Get a pair of Reflectacles to prevent facial recognition by hiding the iris in your eyes from technology.

* Get the Signal app to send encrypted text to keep your texts secret.

And probably the most hardcore step would be to Become a Digital Vegan - one that uses zero tech. Cash only. Using this method you can avoid being tracked and traced.

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