Animal Vaccines HARM Cats & Dogs -- 10 Minute Version

Published on Mar 14, 2021
Also, I hate to sound like a broken record, but I feel more sorry for our cats & dogs & bunnies & cattle that are being vaccinated than I do for the humans. No "viruses" have been proven to exist --- so why continue to vax our pets? My grandparents never vaxxed their pets and those pets did not die of cancer like modern-day pets.
Dean, will you please ask Stefan about vaccinating animals? If no viruses exist in humans, surely they do not exist in animals. Is this a forbidden topic to broach? Because I've been asking Stefan, Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan and Amandha Vollmer, and I am not getting any replies. Surely you people care about dogs & cats as much as you care about children, no? Are dogs just chemical-meat-puppets? Or are they actually spirits in a material dream like all living creatures? Don't they deserve our protection? Am I going mad?
There is no rabies virus. Rabies is a condition related to neuro-toxins. Read up about it: Pasteur was a fraud. He invented the rabies myth by tying a dog upright to a pole in public and injected vile materials into its brain -- the dog convulsed and foamed at the mouth and Pasteur declared it was "rabies". There are no "viruses" anywhere. God/Mother Nature wasn't that cruel to us -- and yet what could be crueler than mankind? Search: "Dr. Stefan Lanka".
Compiled & Edited by Philosopher Newport 13 March 2021

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