Idi Amin on Zionism

Published on Feb 19, 2021
Idi Amin on Zionism

Idi Amin is not popular because Western Media doesn't approve of him. Ask Ras Tafari if they know Idi Amin, his biography and his views.

Pop-Culture made RasTafari cool; Pop-Culture labeled Idi Amin a terrorist. Haile Selassie is the only African Europeans esp. British English acknowledge in a positive light due to Zionism. Learn why.

When it comes to putting African Leaders on a pedestal, Pop-Culture promotes men such as Menelik II & Haile Selassie, Yet forget men such as Idi Amin. Learn why. Africa has no allies. The Anglo-Abyssinian relationship is Anti-African. But that's another story; an Imperialist story about Jesuits & Zionist; and a struggle between Democracy & Fascism.


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