Pharmacist Quits CVS Job Over Refusal to Kill People with COVID-19 Shots and Becomes a Whistleblower

Published on Jun 19, 2021
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A pharmacist who used to work for CVS has gone public with details about how the pharmacy chains are handling the roll outs of the COVID-19 injections.
She obviously had done her homework as a pharmacist, and was convinced that these shots were harming people.
But apparently she was such a good employee, that originally they allowed her to stay on even though she made it clear that she was NOT going to be injecting anybody with these shots.
In fact, she states that not only was she not going to inject anyone, she was actually going to try to convince CVS customers NOT to take the injections.
She laments the fact that most people did not care, and took the shots anyway.
She has now quit her job and created this video to warn others.
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Polyethylene glycol as a cause of anaphylaxis [ingredient in COVID injections!] - PDF DOC
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COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease - PDF DOC

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