The truth about Bergen Belsen POW camp.

Published on Oct 26, 2021
bergen belsen

Under Two Flags..
⁣What had been the cause of the "Kristallnacht," which resulted in damage to or destruction of 180 synagogues among the existing 14,000 and an equal percentage of Jewish businesses? A seventeen year old Polish Jew, Hershel Gruenspan, residing in Paris, had become so upset about the fate of his father in Germany that he armed himself with a pistol, walked into the German embassy and, not being able to see the ambassador, shot the first secretary, vom Rath. This being the third German official fatally assassinated by a Jew, the storm troopers were supposedly ordered out to take revenge on the Jewish population. This story is about as ridiculous as the by now discredited myth about the six milliongassed Jews or the one about the slaughter of the Polish officers in Katyn by the Germans. The troubles of Gruenspan Sr. did not originate in Germany but in his native Poland, where the rampant antiJudaism had caused the flight of tens of thousands of Jews into neighboring countries, mainly Germany, where they were treated as foreign visitors.The spring of 1939 saw Hitler's last effort to solve the problems of the German Jews in a civilized manner. He sent Hjalmar Schacht, the president of the Reichsbank and architect of of the German recovery, to England for the purpose of negotiating a large loan which would enable Germany to let the remaining 250,000 Jews emigrate with their belongings and the necessary financial means to assure the required immigration visas. The governor of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman, along with many members of parliament, were agreeable to this scheme but it was immediately torpedoed by Chaim Weitzmann and the warmongers around Churchill, who had become a faithful servant of the Jewish banking hierarchy after they had saved him from bankruptcy from the loss of his fortunes in the crash of 1929.England concluded a treaty with Poland promising instant help in case of war with Germany. Careful and treacherous as usual! For the still large German minority in Poland an incredible rule of terror ensued immediately. It resulted in 58,000 gruesomely mutilated Germancorpses, victims of murderous, thieving Polish mobs. The events and political machinations during the final days of August and the beginning of September are meticulously reported and referenced in the book, The Forced War, by the eminent American historian David Hoggan. The assumption of any guilt of Hitler in the outbreak of the war is simply ludicrous. Hitler, who had by then concluded the famous non-aggression pact with Stalin, reacted swiftly to the excesses of the Poles against the helpless German minorities in their midst and their multiple border violations.I had plenty of opportunity to observe the large amount of Polish officers swaggering through the streets in their impressive uniforms and boasting about how they would get to Berlin in less than two weeks and ride triumphantly through the Brandenburg Gate.After the successful completion of the Polish campaign Hitler began the demobilization of his army,because he was convinced that the British were sufficiently reasonable to discontinue a war which had become utterly senseless.The British retreated to Dunkerque,This was a very bad mistake which none of his enemies would have made. But then he was after all a sort of idealist who simply could not comprehend that his racial brothers across the sea would not finally see the light and agree to make peace. They didn't, which eventually cost them their empire and reduced them to the status of a small secondary power. Their megalomaniacal, alcoholic leader was from now on merely a lieutenant to our "great" president.During the postwar years we have experienced an ever-increasing propaganda effort denigratingeverything German, including a vicious campaign aimed at the poisoning of the minds of generations of German youths, unfortunately with great success.Already at a very early age I became aware of the fact that my mother was received with open arms into the family of my father, while a great number of her own family never forgave her for marrying a "goy." In later years I found that this is the rule rather than an exception. In case of mixed marriages it is nearly always the Jewish part of the family which shows resentment and only very rarely the nonJewish. This racist attitude found its most concrete expression in the Israeli law forbidding its citizen the marriage with non-Jews.Sometime during the year 1946 I attended a party in New York where many Jews were present. One of the young fellows spoke fluent German and during a conversation he told me that he had spent many months as an internee at the Buchenwald-Belsen concentration camp. Immediately I asked him about the Beast of Belsen, Ilse Koch (Lampshades of specially picked human skins, etc., etc.). "Oh, those are just stories," he said. "I know for certain, because for several months I was assigned the duty to be her chamber boy who had to clean her premises. She acted absolutely normal and correctly and was never abusive. Only after what happened to her husband, the camp commander, she came close to a nervous breakdown." He had embezzled funds which were part of the money designated to purchase thenecessary supplies for the inmates of the camp, was prosecuted of his crime by an SS court, sentenced to die and summarily shot.For example, any German soldier caught raping a woman faced a firing squad shortly thereafter. Compare this with the announcement of the Russian commanders to their forces invading Germany at a later date, that all enemy females were their property, or the recommendation of President Roosevelt that our troops should study Kaufmann's tract, Germany Must Perish, which recommended that all Germans of reproductive age be sterilized.

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