Mask mandates continue even after vaccine. Legislators need to be hounded.

Published on Feb 5, 2021
Masks will be permanent unless we speak up, Get over your stage fright. Our rights are being eroded because not enough people are speaking out. Imagine if 100 or 1000 people showed up? We must educate, we must put in some effort, chanting in unison is very powerful, "no mask mandates" You can shake the walls with your voices in unison and you feel an energy that is not describable. It can't be ignored by opponents.
Transcript from:
Feb 2nd 2021 - Omaha City Council transcript - feel free to use as needed
Hi my name is Allie French, I am the founder and leader of NAGO, with over 4k members majorly in the Omaha area. We OPPOSE another extension of the non-pharmaceutical medical mandate that you’ve imposed on our community – effectively practicing medicine without a license. It’s only a matter of time before the damage/injury that masking causes, for which we won’t understand the full effect for years to come, will land squarely back at your feet.
With the recent revelations of the Fantastic Fauci, might I recommend that you instead introduce a resolution that guides those whom are especially vulnerable or concerned to wear the 90% effective 3 layers of mask as it is in the best interest of the economy, educational system, hospitals and business owners to have that level of self-protection without the ultimatum of criminalizing those whom cannot or choose not to wear a mask and allow society to re-open at full capacity.
I furthermore make this recommendation as it has been made clear at the recent press release given by Adi Pour PhD and Mayor Jean Stothert that while today the city council intends to extend to May 25th (an obvious political tool, by the way) that they have stated the masking shall continue until 70-75% of our community is vaccinated – which will take at least year. Seeing as this council has made it abundantly clear that we will follow Adi Pour and the corrupt UNMC off a cliff before going against their advice – this change in goalposts should require an entirely new ordinance be introduced.
The expert worship this council has befallen to can only be explained by monetary incentive or the programmed ignorance meant to control the masses. It isn’t science because they say so. It is only science if it can be tested and when the results are statistically significant and reproducible. Rather, your advisors often respond with, “I don’t know”, “I haven’t seen that”, “That’s not true”, here’s a cutesy meme or meaningless, manipulated graph that only tells the narrative I’d like you to believe and of course the abundance of anecdotal evidence – ALL of course based on absolutely fraudulent testing.
However, when it comes down to it, the most important thing for this council to bear in mind is the deeply held religious conviction that no mask, no shot, no pill, no man, can enhance or do better than God’s design. That to attempt to do so is a sin and against the will of God. (and before the ridiculous rebuttal is made that “God gave us smart scientists and doctors” let it be known that is a complete cop-out, it is nothing more than a line of propaganda fed to society for several decades to erode Christianity and promote the medical mafia) For this council to mandate a non-pharmaceutical intervention that violates my religious beliefs is an absolute violation of the Omaha Charter, the NE Constitution and the US Constitution. If this council insists on extending this already unconstitutional mandate and you do not provide us with a religious and philosophical exemption you will be providing the entire Christian community the means to sue the city and certainly a darn good reason to ensure your political career and community ties ends here as you've made it obvious you don't care if you ruin the livlihoods of our community.

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