One Hour of Russian Nationalist Music

Published on Nov 24, 2020
I still remember how Elvis Sinatra was struggling to upload his compilation of Russian nationalist music because YouTube erased it like 20 times, I just hope that the same thing doesn't happen to me...

0:00 Прощание славянки (Farewell of Slavianka - Unofficial Аnthem of the White Army and the Kolchak Government)
3:25 Мы идём широкими полями (We Go on the Wide Fields - Anthem of the Russian Liberation Army)
6:31 Знамёна выше! (The Banner Above - Anthem of the All-Russian Fascist Party)
9:07 С нашивкой РОА (With ROA Patches on our Sleeves - Russian Liberation Army Song)
11:19 Маршируют полки (Marching Regiments - Russian Liberation Army March)
14:15 Мы верим в то что скоро день наступит (We belive that the day will come soon - Anthem of the Russian National Unity)
17:16 Марш сибирских стрелков (Siberian Riflemen's March - Song of the White Movement)
20:13 Европейские добровольцы (European Volunteers)
25:44 Леон Дегрель (Leon Degrelle)
30:17 Русский корпус (Russian Corps)
33:42 Вахт-на-Рейне (The Watch On The Rhine) [Die Wacht am Rhein in Russian]
37:38 Коль славен наш Господь в Сионе (How glorious is our Lord on Zion - White Army/Kolchak Government Official Anthem)
40:51 Марш Алексеевского полка (March of the Alexeyevsky Regiment)
42:43 Была Державная Россія (Once there was a Sovereign Russia)
46:09 Памяти Северо-Западная армия (In the Memory of North-Western Army)
50:07 Марков и марковцы (March of the Markovsky Regiment)
52:47 Врангель (Wrangel)
54:11 Совки (Homines Sovietici - Anti-Soviet Song)
57:33 Во славу Отечества (To the glory of the Fatherland)
1:01:00 Песня Добровольцев Студенческого батальона (Song of the Volunteer Students Batalion)
1:04:37 Дальневосточный Марш (Far Eastern March)
1:07:31 Белым генералам (Generals of the White Аrmy)
1:11:12 Всё теперь против нас (All is now against us)
1:14:21 Славься! (Glory to you!)


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