Philip Schneider on Blue Blood Species with 6 Fingers Living 400+ Years

Published on Sep 20, 2021
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Philip Schneider was a driller who made underground bases for jews. In 1995 previously unknown geologist-engineer Phil Schneider delivered a lecture in which he spoke about underground bases on which jews spent a huge part of their loot extracted from stupid goyim. It was a surprise talk at the Preparedness Expo. He said he worked for 17 years on classified projects of jews in the US. Less than 6 months after this performance Phil Schneider was found dead in his apartment with a piano string wrapped around his neck.
Fools said it was a “military-style” execution, while it was clearly a Mishpuka-style murder by circumcised gangsters. Even though he looked mentally unstable during his talk, showing his missing finger lost to aliens' beam pistol. Also, a black mineral that he said was a synthetic metal with an impossible crystal lattice and was very guarding of it. Regardless of this, jews proved his words by killing him soon after his performance.
He would state, at the beginning of his lectures:
“I feel directly threatened, and before I am killed, I must reveal this material. If they ever say I committed suicide, you will know I was murdered.” There is a video that was recorded shortly before he was found dead that he talks about the Dulce Underground Military Base and what happened there in 1979.
In this excerpt, he describes a member of special humanoid species who works in an underground base in the US. He is a light-skinned male with copper-based hemocyanin blue blood, six fingers and six toes, with one huge lung and big heart, with a skull 300 cubic centimeters larger than an average white male's skull, with an IQ above 1200. That is 10+ times smarter than the smartest of red-blood white males. His name is Valiant Thor. This description correlates with multiple other pieces of evidence on these species from different eras.
Unlike multiple other fabled alien races like Greys, Nordics, etc., all generated by the New Age BS factory run by jews, these blue blood species with 6 fingers are the only alien race that can be connected with some evidence.
They could be the species that created protojews 6000 years ago or earlier. By mixing their own and some other DNA of Earth humanoids with red blood. A probable extra source could be the Neanderthal DNA, their Y-chromosome in particular, as male jews' skulls differ very much from jewesses' skulls and resemble skulls of those ancient carnivore apes. These theories about Neanderthals and blue blood genetic engineers are hard to patch together. Both bear some traction and correlation in time and space.
Basically, the story resembles the script of Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus', with jews being xenomorphs created by these species and deployed to enslave and destroy worlds like Earth.
Major slave lords from ancient blood lines, also 'jews', never actually call themselves 'jews'. They define their species with the Hebrew root BR/VR which produces titles like 'ivers', 'ebers'.
'Jews' is a recent title for their bastards, mid to low tier jew drones, much less privileged, mostly mindless beasts similar to their stupid goyim subservient species. These middle tier jew drones are enslaved and herded with the Judaism indoctrination to be useful idiots for ivers. Rabbis are jew shepherds who ensure that these jews will not be a threat to their creators and masters, but will remain useful idiots for their agenda.
Ivers are the closest species to their creators with the highest concentration of their DNA which manifests in blue blood in many of them. Elite ivers have so much brains and brain power that it's impossible to imagine for a stupid goy with the brain of a donkey. Even that is a compliment.
There was a video on jewtube, that I watched some 5 years ago. It showed a Negro sitting in a dark room on a sofa in front of a web camera and testifying on these species. He drew no theories and never called them 'jews' or anything special. He was a plain worker and simply described what he saw. He worked in an elite resort town, most likely in the US, cleaning stables in recreational facilities of billionaires, 'decision makers'. One day they came there to have fun. A boy of these species rode a horse and fell off. That Negro rushed to help, and he saw that the boy's nose was broken and blue blood was running over his face. At the same time he never mentioned any darker skin color in that boy. So they can have both blue blood and white skin at the same time. That's all he said. You can figure the rest. I can't find that record now and don't remember its title. If you know it and how to find it, post a comment.
Every time you check time on your watch dial, ask yourself why it has 12 hours on it while you only have 10 fingers and when shopping you count by tens. Not by dozens. Same story with your height in feet and 12 inches.
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