The Truth About "Executive Orders" most Americans Don't Know

Published on May 26, 2020
My bitchute Jesus1488 if you want to check it out---
If you explore this, it becomes a deep rabbit hole. If you know this, it makes more sense how we got to where we are. What they did/didn't do after the Civil War created real big issues FOR AMERICANS, that Americans weren't even aware of all this time. If it came off the Media, they just believed it, so when they started hearing the media say over and over "Today the President wrote an executive order for this, that or the other, the American people never asked or questioned if he actually had the authority via the constitutional powers that empower his ass, to do that at all. The jews have been fucking us since the Civil War, the Crown too. The power structure of government at the time, likely due to jew lawyer influence, because they know the nuts and bolts of these laws and loopholes and ways to get around them, so effectively they flat out left pieces of the Martial Law that were in effect for the Civil War, Invasion from a Foreign Enemy, etc...(which has already happened by the jews and they bought they're way in and corrupted the whole fuckin thing) ...IN PLACE ALL THIS TIME and NEVER TOLD US!! THAT is how the President even has the power to EVER pen an Executive Order whatsoever. The President was NEVER intended to have Unilateral power unless in Civil war and shit like that. What are the odds they never told us the 'official' stuff after the war ended, never fully took place and they never told us?

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