Alien Anal Worm Control: The Process of Forced Mental Transformation and its Role in World Events (They Live Gear)

Published on May 17, 2021
NOTE: They control language, definition and shape your perception and decision making. You see what they want you to see, feel what they want you to feel, react how they want you to react, and they lie to you, saying you are virtuous, you did your duty, you are good, you did the right thing, moral thing, you are a patroit, you are free of guilt, thank you for working for your own destruction and for our benefit, you stupid goy.

About the lecture: This talk focuses on Martin’s “ATOP” theory of mental manipulation, the four-step process historically used to transform and control human behavior on every level of civilization, from obscure cults to entire nations.

About the speaker: Professor Sean Elliot Martin is an Assistant Professor and the Coordinator of Undergraduate and Graduate Intelligence Studies at Point Park University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has a diverse academic background, as well as a range of collaborations with military and law enforcement entities. He applies creative, interactive methods to teach courses in Intelligence Analysis, Psychological Operations, survival combat, and related subjects.


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