Lawful Disobedience Birkenhead: ARREST THAT JUDGE! Full Version HD (Uncensored)

Published on May 22, 2021
Kevin West's award winning (Best Documentary WIFF 2011) film about the attempt of Roger Hayes' to arrest a so-called 'Judge' at Wirral Magistrate's Court, UK has appeared in many edited forms due in part to the punitive censorship laws and rules on broadcast in the UK.
Here is the final, definitive, unrestricted version in HD. The film has been screened around the world in an uncensored form by Hispan TV and Press TV, though not really picked up in the UK. However, censored and recut versions were 1st aired in the UK on Richplanet TV on Sky 191 and then Paradigm Shift TV (PSTV) Sky 191/192 late in 2011. Very much to their credit, PSTV are still committed to broadcasting it in the UK and Eire.

Shot in just one day, the film juxtaposes the mere 15 seconds of airtime the story received from the local BBC TV News with a very different version of what the story was thought to really be about. There are plenty of intercut animations and film clips to help illustrate the points made by the 400+ protestors on the day. It also includes footage from citizen journalists armed with their own camcorders.

If nothing else, this film stands as a contribution to an historical event that took place in the UK. It bears witness to the unprecedented steps taken to arrest a sitting judge, albeit in an administrative corporatised private court! These 'lawful' challenges were made on numerous grounds such as treason cited under the Charter of Liberties and the English Bill of Rights and in respect of the Queen's coronation oath 1953 to serve the sovereign, self-governing individual.

Errors in reporting the case in the media gave the strong impression that a roguish Roger Hayes was refusing to pay his Council Tax bill. Not so. His rebuttal found its veracity in the fact that a little over three fourths of money collected that way goes towards financing debt repayments to international bankers and further funds wars and state-sponsored terrorism around the world. He simply, as a chair of the British Constitution Group, wanted to exercise his democratic and inalienable right to the freedoms outlined in the aforementioned documents and unlisted freedoms that all people are born with. In short, he would pay only that which was accounted for honourably such as local services.

As Brian Gerrish (former editor of the UK Column) says in the piece, "Lawful rebellion is our right". Other people posit that you cannot have freedom and democracy without dissent.

Roger Hayes, a year on from this event, was secretly arrested and imprisoned without a jury or being allowed to speak at his sham trial by the system he dared to go up against. If anything, he has proved that Council Tax is unlawful. This is explored in the film too.

To give it its full title, 'Lawful Disobedience: ARREST THAT JUDGE! (Uncensored) The Director's Cut HD", will hopefully empower and inspire the sovereign individual into a deeper thinking about the nature of the system we find ourselves increasingly under.

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Lawful Disobedience Birkenhead: ARREST THAT JUDGE! Full Version HD (Uncensored)

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