34 suspected child predators arrested in Fresno, CA: operation COVID Chat Down

Published on Aug 11, 2020
link: https://www.oann.com/calif-authorities-34-suspected-child-predators-arrested/ Previously: Child Sex Offender Found in California 20 Years After Going on the Run https://youtu.be/q2iQ8qYMxuE
Facebook Suspends Pages That ‘Shame Pedophiles’ https://youtu.be/ZsZNffd8OLk
7 child predators behind bars after undercover operation in Oklahoma https://youtu.be/_u4KSpQnBhI
NYC ‘illegally’ housing pedophiles near Upper West Side playground https://youtu.be/Rx73p2X2EHg
Columbia police arrest 7 in child exploitation, human trafficking sting https://youtu.be/FLAkZOH2Xfo
15 arrested in child sex sting including CHP officer, prison employee https://youtu.be/3mdKtCIrBjY
Decapitated corpse of pedophile found on doorstep of judge that granted bail https://youtu.be/n7UdIItXxAE
Ed Buck Charged with Four Additional Felonies https://youtu.be/nwQ0uu3QFqg
Hillary Campaign Routinely Monitored News For Connections Between Epstein & Bill Clinton https://youtu.be/K8cSgDMcs3k
Prince Andrew had ‘an orgy with numerous other under aged girls:' Ghislaine Maxwell / court docs https://youtu.be/XlujllgYcz0
Protest at BBC office to remove their pedophile statue https://youtu.be/D12LeJSdbuw
Alan Dershowitz doubles down on statutory rape viewshttps://youtu.be/TxjTr4bPDUc
Stephen Hawking Named in Epstein Files https://youtu.be/q-fLFPff6Nw
Prince Andrew lobbied to get Jeffrey Epstein's sweetheart plea-deal https://youtu.be/BU_T1bKvHOc
Bill Clinton stayed in Epstein's orgy island because he owed 'a favor' say court docs https://youtu.be/-mVLNIYK6DU
Ghislaine Maxwell Loses Bid to Block Court From Unsealing Epstein Documents https://youtu.be/EZzZVAFj_wg
Trump backs Hydroxy Doctor https://youtu.be/aaeThmzTe88
The Fauci chronicles: Do as We say, Not as we do https://youtu.be/UbK96TrLr1Q
Bill Gates can't hold back sinister smile over Plandemic 2.0 https://youtu.be/dXDu63z1zXU
63 yr-old attorney arrested on 3 counts of aggravated stalking of a child under 16 https://youtu.be/2VQhV0XZsOQ
Queen Elizabeth's nephew implicated via Epstein's list https://youtu.be/QxzseL3kp2k
Kim Jong-un puts Kaesong City on lock-down in North Korea https://youtu.be/m_a_D8-TAf0
5G Tech & induction of coronavirus abstract WITHDRAWN https://youtu.be/2V18y8giI4c
Fauci said HCQ was effective 15 yrs ago https://youtu.be/PNXZ1wxpKO0
CDC says face masks don't work https://youtu.be/vKhTLn9BbiQ
N Koreans get 3 months hard labor for not wearing face mask https://youtu.be/5LHCAUsVBPA
Ohio House Speaker, 4 others arrested in $60 million bribery case https://youtu.be/_CzjE-7qbb4
Joe Biden Helped Sweep Russian Spy Ring Under the Rug https://youtu.be/sgpNLFqLEHQ
Joe Biden being listed as criminal suspect by Ukraine officials https://youtu.be/AonhpDXumt0
Swimming with sharks https://youtu.be/TAtnRvqITOs
Murderer of Judge Esther Salas' son, attorney, kills himself https://youtu.be/obBpzOajmOI
Judge assigned to Jeffrey Epstein-related case, ambushed, son shot dead https://youtu.be/R1-a8-mqI0c
Petition to Investigate Bill Gates reaches 602K signatures https://youtu.be/q4z8ptK58IE
Canada is 'adjoined' to the United States: Articles of Confederation, 1781 https://youtu.be/ZGIsVju3fjU
Activists Remove Head From Cecil Rhodes Statue in Cape Town https://youtu.be/zjAW9f5vCr0
WHO Will Not Investigate Wuhan Lab https://youtu.be/iiHpBg8z9Gc
Robert De Niro Confronts ‘Financial Ruin’ https://youtu.be/paGQhCdP0AU
'Most-wanted' pedophile mastermind arrested in France https://youtu.be/Z43So_JD1XM
Mississippi Mayor & Wife Indicted on Wire Fraud Charges https://youtu.be/zevK0SKrojE
The Meghan Markle Maskle https://youtu.be/0slA9Z5rzko
Mayor of Seoul found dead, possible suicide https://youtu.be/9AKjc2GdcVM
Attorney Keith Mitchell accused in Toledo City Council bribe scheme https://youtu.be/WAyKfx4T2dY
4 Toledo City Council members arrested for bribery & extortion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JraIaKOU2Mg
Ghislaine Maxwell arrested as Prince Andrew sweats bullets https://youtu.be/N6C_Ya64Rb8
Attorns with guns https://youtu.be/cm2IAe0PuFs
'Yachts O'Trouble' - Pedophile yacht owner gets 35 yrs in federal prison https://youtu.be/fs0WRGeJ1fU
Arizona attorney pleads guilty to illegal adoption practice https://youtu.be/5l2tq2c3688
Former Israeli PM named as Sex Offender in Epstein court filings https://youtu.be/q8NqdkKM_1k
Judge Mary Shaw signed 5 no-knock warrants in 12 minutes, one of which was Breonna Taylor’s https://youtu.be/M6Q0jmGbOnI
Oxford theology prof. jailed in France for downloading child abuse images https://youtu.be/tjgNJhbTpmk
Now they want to tear Andrew Jackson's statue down https://youtu.be/vv4MAIxvvxA
German Officials Placed Children with Known Pedophiles For 30 Years https://youtu.be/cDI-Hn57Zdk
Calendar of the deep state according to Johnny Delirious https://youtu.be/WGpkPGXRZ50
17 arrested for child porn including Disney employees, nurse, underwear 'ingester' https://youtu.be/kki--KlVqEc
Previously: Oregon pedophile faces 2,750-year jail sentence https://youtu.be/sbG0VjS4ZTM

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