Balkan Cancer

Published on Mar 23, 2021
The NATO intervention against former Yugoslavia was supposed to relieve the agonies and sufferings of the people in the region who were subject to seemingly unending wars. The outcomes of the intervention, however, came to confirm an established truth: West’s multiple standards in its foreign policies to achieve the goals of expanding its military and political hegemony across the globe. 20 years ago, for the first time, the silver bullet, as the inhabitants of Bosnia used to call the ammunition with depleted uranium, was used in the military conflicts at the Balkans. NATO generals were satisfied with the overall trial results. The depleted uranium became a part of everyday life at the Balkans in the years that followed. The story starts since long time ago long time ago when the Americans were preparing for a long period for the war against Slobodan Milosevic. Several years before the war, the Balkan headquarters of CIA was moved from Belgrade to the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia. Everyone was relieved when the truce was signed in Kumanovo, Macedonia, for the cease of the military operations of NATO. The Serbian army began to withdraw from Kosovo. But the bombs and the consequences of the bombing remained. The depleted uranium started to take its blood tax. People began to die of cancer on a large scale.

15 years after the NATO bombing in Southern and Central Serbia, we are witnessing a real explosion and increase of cancer.

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