All Fathers - Quest for wisdom and bravery

Published on Jun 21, 2021
The All Father is, perhaps, a model of all fathers - their strengths and purpose
On a constant quest for wisdom and knowledge to learn anything to help prevent or forestall his face at Ragnarok - the great battle between gods and giants. He travels in disguise, as himself. An old man, a wide-brimmed hat, one eye, often dressed in grey. He's trying to harvest people for his army in Valholl- he does this harvesting when a brave man dies well in battle. This is considered the greatest honor of any man. Once a man has died and gone to this hall, he spends eternity up to Ragnarok, in fighting and dying in battle.
Odin has a magical spear which never misses, his horse Sleipnir is faster than any other horse. He also has two wolves, "Hungry" and "Greedy," as well as two ravens, "Thought" and "Memory."
Jackson Crawford
Danheim, "Ulfhednar"
A group of Viking warriors of ancient Norse religious rites. They wore wolf skins.

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