Diary Of A Pyramid Labourer // Oldest Papyrus Discovered 2550 BC "Diary of Merer" // Primary Source

Published on Aug 24, 2021
Discovered in 2013 by Egyptologist Pierre Tallet and his team and called "the greatest discovery in Egypt in the 21st century", "The Diary of Merer" gives us an incredible account of the one of the processes behind the construction of the most incredible building in human history - The Great Pyramid of Khufu. The oldest written papyrus yet discovered, it takes the form of a daily logbook of an 'Inspector Merer' whose job is to transport limestone from the nearby Tura quarry to use as cladding for the pyramids in the construction's final stages.

An enormous thankyou to Pierre Tallet for allowing us to use his translation from the hieroglyphs, and to Colin Clement for allowing us to use his translation from French into English.

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