HELLSTORM Kyle Hunt & Sinead McCarthy Backstabbing their Friends - Part 1

Published on Aug 29, 2021
Kyle Hunt and his spouse Sinead McCarthy run Renegade Broadcasting. When I joined this scene in 2014 I greatly admired Kyle as a brave hero and their website was the biggest influence on me at that time. They were both on my show twice and Sinead was the first person I asked to record the lyrics to the songs I rewrote. Then, as soon as Trump got elected Sinead turned against me for supporting Trump. They were both my friends and I didn’t do the slightest thing against them. I was shocked and publicly humiliated when they went to many hours of work to slander my reputation in two videos that they made. They have yet to understand the consequences of their actions. Sinead McCarthy and Kyle Hunt have done some excellent work in the past 10 years but they made one mistake: they attacked Brian Ruhe.
If you make a comment below, post it on my Blog:
They created an insulting, lying posting about me on Rational Wiki, and they hid the fact that they made it. When anyone Google’s my name, they positioned it right at the top because they were so JEALOUS of my rising good reputation. I don’t have the technical skills they do and they know it. Here are their posts with one video:
Here is one of countless comments:
Brian has many worthwhile guests. He may be eccentric at times, but, after all, he’s a Buddhist! But I’m Catholic myself and have been ‘crazy’ for years. No, I see no cause to criticize Brian. Your piece is an ‘Ad Hominem’ attack and Renegade ought to apologize to this man and to your readers. BTW you have just downgraded your credibility.
In this video, Sinead screams like a deranged street lady:
Ladies and Gentlemen, Sinead McCarthy
Countless people came to my defence and I realized that Kyle and Sinead lie about and insult over 50 of our fellow comrades in the truth movement because they are both SO JEALOUS of anyone who does sincere work standing up to the international Jews. They are PATHOLOGICAL BACK STABBERS. They don't want anyone else to be better than them at fighting Jewish power. If anyone varies with them on how to deal with Jewish power, Sinead and Kyle just accuse them of being a Jew or of selling out. They assume they hold the highest standard of truth but they are naive because they do not show a nuanced view. They harm our movement. They do some excellent work but have strange, mixed karma because of their PATHOLOGICAL JEALOUSY!! They undermine themselves. Buddhism teaches the devastating negative karma they inflict upon themselves due to the tremendous multiplying effect of their wrong speech over the internet, effecting millions of people. They are currently headed for a lower rebirth so I want to help them to improve themselves.
Sinead speaks and leads while her weak husband Kyle, hides behind his wife like a coward. In Kyle’s talks he has admitted that he is bisexual. Evalion spoke with me for hours and she said Sinead turned her against me in January 2017 but Evalion came back and told me how Sinead betrayed her friendship as well.
It is wise for the 50+ good comrades who have been attacked by Kyle and Sinead, to stand up for themselves and object. I feel for the humiliation Kyle and Sinead has viciously attacked them with and I vow to protect them. Our comrades can use me as a central contact point to record their testimony for wide distribution. Adolf Hitler taught, “To live is to fight!” Even the Buddha stood up to liars and he hit back at wrong views in his “Net of Views” discourse.
Kyle made the website for my Thule Society at http://thulesociety.com . Adolf Hitler explained that he was the supreme justiciar of Germany. Just so, I am the supreme justiciar of the Thule Society. Because Kyle and Sinead are that close I am taking action to administer justice as I see fit. I care more about their young son than they do and I don’t want him to be harmed by their parent’s arrogance. I will help him by having compassion on his parents. Together, I and others like you, can teach them to apologize and be more humble and kind to their fellow comrades in the truth movement. White people keep fighting with each other and Kyle and Sinead are the worst examples on this on the internet. Please join me by making countless posts wherever their work appears on the net. You may please copy this post or write one of your own. John de Nugent and I made a video together about them and John’s post is at: https://www.johndenugent.com/kyle-hunt-by-two-of-his-character-assassination-survivors-ending-my-blogging-as-of-today-for-the-religion-launch/
On March 24, 2020 I played this series of videos on my Tuesday live http://www.revolution.radio show and the chat room went a buzz when Sinead screamed like crazy at the end of this video!!


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