Published on Oct 9, 2021
We hate our leaders and we know they're trying to kill us. We know they're taking payouts and promises of future privilege to go along with their bio-terror genocide scheme of the Jewish banking cartels. We know their names and where they live. They are the enemy of humankind. Their narrative has fallen apart in the very beginning of this Scamdemic/Plandemic.
The Jewish cartels are hoping they can keep as many humans behind their Jewish mainstream media induced wall of ignorance. But people are waking up. Too many - and the Jewish banking cartels are panicking and accelerating their sloppy attempt at enslaving the human race.
These scumbags have plenty of help on the inside. The attorney general Merrick Garland is a Jew so he's not going to investigate Jewish crimes against humanity like Covid-19. The heads of the CIA, Homeland Security, Air Force, etc are Jews so they too are the enemy - because Jews are not in the US Military unless they are a part of an Israeli intelligence operation to subvert the US military to serve only Israeli Jewish objectives, not American ones..
And don't hold your breath that the Director of the F.B.I Christopher Wray will investigate the OBVIOUS criminality of the entire Covid scamdemic - his life's dream is to suck old man Rothschild's dick. (for pay of course)
We're going to win though, we're going to beat the Jewish banking cartels and their dick smoking accomplices like FBI Director Wray.

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