Did Prabhupada Say Hitler Was A Saktyavesa-avatara?

Published on Aug 21, 2020
In this video i establish with Prabhupada's direct quotes that Hitler was a saktyavesa-avatara specifically empowered to cut down rogues and demons namely Jewish Bolshevism.
Mukunda Dasa: The main point is that Hitler Protected and saved Europe. The Lord empowered him for that purpose so the west would be saved for Prabhupada!!! That's why Prabhupada says he was a Saktyavesha Avatara EMPOWERED TO DESTROY THE JEWISH BOLSHEVIKS!!! Only the most fallen degraded and totally deluded so called followers of Prabhupada cannot see this! They don't realize that if it wasn't for Hitler and the Waffen SS then we would all have been living in a communist Russia or China like situation since around 1940 and getting shot if we even chanted Hare Krishna in our own homes!!! Surely we should have a little appreciation for Hitler and the Waffen SS and their brave sacrifice.

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