Empire of Dust (2011)

Published on Jul 22, 2020
Dear Goyim,

Watch this film - this is what kind of work it will take for at least a decade before We have a place to call HomeLand....

There is no future for people of European descent in the Grand Old Cities - Chicago, New York, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin.

These once thriving strongholds of European Civilization and best hopes for the future have been finally over run by violence, disenfranchisement, and usurious central control mechanisms.

Even the radius going as far as 60 miles out from these places is tighly controlled by the same anti-civilizing forces.

We need to leave these places and build homelands with farms, family estates, machine shops, foundries, mines, laboratories, defence, offense...

In otherwords, in as many distant and currently unpopulated boonies Counties as there are Globalist Cities - there needs to be established Soveriegn European Homelands where We might begin to realize Our true potential as the most rare and special group of Human beings on earth.

I am too blackpilled and goyed the fuck up to even know where to begin that process - but I gathered from very reliable sources that is what it will take, and nothing short of it is even worth attempting.

Enjoy the Film.


Lao Yang and Eddy both work for a company called CREC (Chinese Railway Engineering Company). They have just set up camp near the remote mining town of Kolwezi in the Katanga province of the RDC. The goal of the company is to redo the road - covering 300km - that connects Kolwezi with the capital of the province Lubumbashi. Lao Yang is head of logistics of the group. He is responsible for the equipment, building materials and food (mainly chickens) to arrive in the isolated Chinese prefab camp. The Congolese government was supposed to deliver these things but so far the team hasn't received anything. With Eddy (a Congolese man who speaks Mandarin fluently) as an intermediate, Lao Yang is forced to leave the camp and deal with local Congolese entrepreneurs, because without the construction materials the road works will cease. What follows is an endless, harsh, but absurdly funny roller coaster of negotiations and misunderstandings, as Lao Yan learns about the Congolese way of making deals.


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