3,000 Irish Only Need Take Over These Two Buildings And 5 Million People Can Be Free In 24 Hours. Get off your arses 3

Published on Aug 31, 2021
You have protested for 19 months and it has got you nowhere. Politicians have continued to receive their enormous salaries and each week they perpetrate Communism upon you. The power is with the people and it always was. The people in your organisations who tell you not to take this building are government spies who have infiltrated your organisations and keep you docile and weak.
Step One - Take Over Your Parlaiment Building
Step Two - Arrest Every Single Politician In Parlaiment
Step Three - The Greatest Minds Of Canada Come Together To Build A New Constitution For The People
Step Four - Capped Salaries For The New Government
Step Five - Arrest All Police, Doctors, Nurses, Media Execs For Crimes Against Humanity & Hold Public Judicial Trials
Step Six - Restructure The Entire Education System To Teach Culture & Strength For The Nation
Step Seven - All Politicians Throughout The Nation Are Arrested & Tried For Crimes Against Humanity
Only 4 Types of Government
1) Monarachy, 2) Bolshevism (Socialism, Fascism, Communism), 3) Democracy, 4) Republic. There is only one republic in the world called The United States of America.
The following book will guide the Canadian people to reverting back one step from Bolshevism to Democracy.
Bitchute: www.bitchute.com/whiteroseireland
Gab: www.gab.com/whiteroseireland
Web: www.whiteroseireland.com


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