SKIN SAUCE - CURE Poison Oak, Athlete's Foot, Rashes and More

Published on Oct 24, 2021
Skin Sauce is Baking Soda and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
mixed together until you neutralize the chemical reaction of the 2 Chemicals. Basically, you want all the baking soda to dissolve in the Organic Apple Cinder Vinegar.
At this concentration you can leave it on the skin and not worry about it burning you. It may lighten the skin for a short period of time tho.

I Discovered Skin Sauce back in June 2017, The last time I got Poison Oak working on my property. I've had Poison Oak 4 times in my life. The first 3 times I had to go to the Doctor's and get skin steroids to get rid of it. The last time I did some research online and found that Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar worked for Curing Poison Oak.
So I made some and tried it. I had Poison Oak on all 4 limbs. After a week of using it whenever I would itch, I was healed. I NEVER went to the Doctor or used ANYTHING else to get better.
I have since, used Skin Sauce to get rid of Athlete's Foot and Rashes as well. I'm sure there are many other skin conditions this could help. I just haven't tried them.

It also makes a Great Household Cleaner.


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