US Military Weapons Used in Crimes Across America After 1,900 Firearms Go MISSING

Published on Jun 17, 2021
'US Military Weapons Used in Crimes Across America After 1,900 Firearms Go MISSING'

In 2018, a man was murdered in New York with a US military firearm.

The Beretta M9 used in the shooting belonged to a military base in North Carolina.

Two months later, police arrested the suspect and collected the pistol.

The Army couldn't say how the Beretta M9 got to New York's capital.

So how do military issue firearms end up in the hands of dangerous criminals?

An investigation has found that at least 1,900 military firearms were lost or stolen in the last decade. Associated Press found that these weapons - intended for war - sometimes end up on America’s streets.

Pistols, machine guns and automatic assault rifles have vanished from military storage facilities. Security lapses include unlocked doors, sleeping troops and a surveillance system that didn't record.

The military's weapons are especially vulnerable to corrupt insiders responsible for securing them. These individuals know how to exploit weak points within the military's enormous supply chains.

The Pentagon said that missing weaponry are a tiny fraction of stockpile, and that some are later recovered. They used to share annual updates about stolen weapons with Congress but the requirement to do so ended years ago, and public accountability has slipped.

More than 8,100 people were killed from gun violence in the first five months this year across the US.

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